BJLI works holistically and side by side with Black community members to address the root causes of health and wealth disparities through community issue education and participation in the policy-making process. Our combination of grasstops and grassroots education and advocacy has resulted in four bills becoming law in the State of Texas.

Health Equity

We advance health equity through community health education, raising awareness of available health resources, increasing access to affordable care, and involving community members in the policy process. Our health equity work resulted in HB 1966 and HB 1967 becoming law, successful feminine hygiene supply drives that collected over 5,000 product donations for modest means women and girls, and engaged over 35,000 people in our advovacy and education efforts.

Economic Justice
BJLI advances economic justice by supporting community members through programming and resource connection that enables participants to fully engage in their local economy. This includes identifying barriers to training and economic opportunities and helping people overcome them. We also connect people to workforce development opportunities and entrepreneurship resources to create stronger civic, community and economic participation.