Leadership & Advocacy Training

Leadership Development
BJLI’s networking events, digital presence, and communications allows people from all facets of life -- elected and appointed leaders, strategists, fundraisers, communications professionals, research and policy experts, organizers, advocates, and community leaders -- to connect with each other in a sustained way. With BJLI’s support network and mentor matching, black women leverage the experience and wisdom of their colleagues as they push for a more empowered community. BJLI’s leadership training includes basic and advanced training for community leaders, community organizing, and general policy training.

Advocacy and Accountability
We equip people to effectively advocate for the policies they want to see in their own communities by teaching, disseminating, and leveraging our extensive network of social justice, civic, and faith organizations. Our strategy meets people where they are. This allows community leaders to persuasively proceed from protest to policy, and hold their elected and appointed leadership accountable.